Abbatiale St Ouen

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A majestic abbey church belonging to a Benedictine monastery that was powerful from the 14th to 16th century, the Abbatiale de St Ouen is often mistaken for Rouen cathedral as it is so large and grand. The striking lantern tower has been dubbed 'the crown of Normandy' and is an imposing sight.

Inside, the bright interior and 14th century stained glass windows make it a stunning space and the vaults are even higher than the cathedral's. Created by Aristide Cavaillé-Coll, the organ is one of the largest in France, an unaltered original from 1890 with a powerful 32 foot Centre Bombarde. Alongside the cathedral and Rouen's many churches, the Abbatiale St Ouen has earned the city the nickname 'the city of a hundred spires'.

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The Great Clock houses the old bells of the city and one of the oldest clock mechanisms in Europe, which was in use here from the 14th century to 1928 and never stopped once!

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