Musée Régional de la Poterie

Villedieu les Poêles

This authentic potter's site retraces 500 years of the evolution of pottery in this part of Normandy. See a display of kilns which are unique in Europe, a dryer, a workshop and pottery collection. A working potter will explain the techniques and stages of ceramic production.


Places to visit nearby

Villedieu-les-Poêles in Normandy is known as the 'city of copper', because of it's talented copper artisans, and is a beautifully preserved medieval town.

Avranches in Normandy is an historical city that was once a royal city under Louis IX, and saw an important battle during WW2, overlooking the beautiful bay of Mont St Michel.

Fougères in Brittany is a charming town that is home to the Château de Fougères, the largest medieval fortress in Europe.

Nearby attractions

St Michel de Montjoie is the last remaining base for Bleu de Vire 'blue' granite extraction and this museum in the village centre has an exceptional collection of granite objects.

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The Musée de la Percée du Bocage is dedicated to the soldiers who fought in the Battle of the Hedgerows, especially in the battle around the town of Saint-Martin-des-Besaces.