Château d'If and Frioul Islands

Provence Côte d'Azur
Attractions and places of interest
Landmarks and Historic Buildings

Although originally built by François I in the early 16th century as a fortress with strategic importance, the Château d'If soon became used as a prison for Republicans and Protestants. Best known as the setting of the Count of Monte Cristo, it is now a popular tourist destination with regular boat excursions from the Old Port to the island throughout the day. Wander through the old corridors, see the cells and be captivated by the legend of this historic place.

On the Frioul islands many rare floral species flourish in its microclimate and they are considered conservation areas with many birds refuging here also. With lovely beaches, sandy creeks and impressive cliffs, the islands are definitely worth a visit to stroll in the sunshine. On Ratonneau island are the remains of the Caroline Hospital where patients with yellow fever were kept in quarantine.

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