Bordered by Switzerland, the Rhone Alps region is home to the Alps mountains in France and includes Europe's highest peak, Mont Blanc, but, as well as being a great place for skiing, hiking, climbing and more there are also some bustling and vibrant cities such as Lyon and Grenoble amongst all the mountains, fantastic lakes, and beautiful national parks.

The centrepiece of this region is undoubtedly mighty Mont Blanc, Europe's highest mountain and guardian of France's border with Switzerland. Amongst the awe-inspiring scenery of the French Alps you'll find traditional mountain villages, attractive lakes, and several of the finest ski slopes in the world. Also set within the snowy peaks is the beautiful spa town of Evian les Bains, famous for its pure water and wonderful spa treatments.

But Rhône Alps is not all mountains. There are also the renowned vineyards of Beaujolais and the Rhône Valley, national parks full of natural beauty and wildlife, and France's second city, Lyon.

Here, the Musée des Beaux Arts houses an enormous art collection that is surpassed only by the Louvre, and when it comes to cuisine, many would say that Lyon is the gastronomic capital of the country. It is no coincidence that five of the country's top twenty chefs run kitchens here.


Top places to visit

Lyon in Rhône-Alps is the stylish capital of the region, known for its beautiful architecture, fantastic restaurants and excellent shopping.

Grenoble in Rhône Alps is a vibrant city under the shadow of the snow-capped mountains that have given it the title of the 'gateway to the Alps'.

Annecy in Rhône Alps is a lakeside city, beside Lake Annecy, that is framed by snow-capped mountains and known as the 'Venice of the Alps' for its beautiful canals.

Top things to do

Head onto the beautiful waters of Lake Annecy for some great watersports opportunities or a peaceful cruise. There are lots of different sports to try including sailing, rowing, waterskiing and swimming. A stunning, serene...

This spacious park includes a fantastic rose garden, a zoo, a lake and more. Europe's second-largest urban park, this one has a zoo too - and it's free!

Come explore the underwater beauty of the sea at the Aquarium de Grand Lyon! 5,000 fish in 47 pools from nearly 300 different species swim around behind glass whilst blacktip sharks, stingrays and more can found in the 450,000...

One of the most prestigious museums in France, the Musée de Grenoble holds hundreds of pieces of artworks from the 13th to the 20th century. A striking building in a wonderful riverside setting that was inaugurated in 1994,...