Basses Vellées Angevins and Ile St Aubin

Atlantic Loire Valley
Great Outdoors

The vast floodplains of Basses Vellées Angevins are located at the north and south of Angers where they are crossed by 3 rivers - the Mayenne, the Sarthe and the Loir, which come together to form the river Maine. These meadows have been used as pastureland for centuries and walkers can enjoy this landscape from the many walks beside the rivers in this area. In the heart of the Maine basin, just 5 minutes from Angers' city centre, is the Ile St Aubin, a private island of green meadows that is used for farmland and largely flooded for most of the year. Open to the public from May to September, the island has a nature trail and works in partnership with many conservation groups, especially for the protection of birds, with waterfowl enjoying the silt-rich waters around the island.


Places to visit nearby

Angers in Atlantic Loire Valley is an artistic city on the banks of the River Maine, that is steeped in medieval history and full of beautiful gardens and parks.

Saumur in Atlantic Loire Valley is easily recognised by its fairytale chateau and is famous for its association with horses - the area around the town is even known as the Kingdom of the Horse.

Laval in Western Loire is a pretty town on the Mayenne river where a charming château sits on a rocky outcrop, and some remarkably well-preserved Gallo-Roman baths can be found nearby.

Nearby attractions

The first of its kind in Europe, Terra Botanica is a fun and educational plant-life theme park to explore and discover through interactive activities. Amongst the 110,000m² of gardens, aquatic areas and glasshouses you'll find...

The main event of this museum is Jean Lurçat's 'Chant du Monde', the 'Song of the World' tapestry whose 10 panels are Lurçat's version of a modern Apocalypse Tapestry.

Renowned for its stained glass windows, dating from the 12th to the 16th centuries, and the diagonal ribs of its vaulting, Angers cathedral is an outstanding example of the Anjou Gothic style.