Musée de Champignon

Atlantic Loire Valley

Hidden underground, in the mystical realm of the troglodyte caves made of tuffeau stone, is the Musée de Champignon. Here you can discover the secret world of mushrooms, with many different varieties grown in the caves including the strange-looking ganoderma mushroom used for medicinal pruposes in Asia, the Champignon de Paris used in the local speciality of galipettes and the wild mushrooms grown in the Witches' Cavern. Displays and workshops for all the family to enjoy will entrance in the mythical atmosphere of the caves. Don't miss the Troglodyte Dwelling, a pretty house carved from the tuffeau stone and exhibiting curious mushroom-shaped objects from all over the world that are made from all kinds of materials.

Places to visit nearby

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Tours in the Loire Valley is a modern city with a history dating back to the Romans that is famous for its architecture, wines and markets.

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