Map of Spain

On the beautiful Northern coast of Spain you'll find stunning beaches and rugged coves with delicious seafood, known as morisco, on the menu. Not far inland are the spectacular Picos de Europa, a mountain range that is perfect for climbing, walking and spotting wildlife, with rustic towns and alpine villages scattered amongst the vast hills and jagged gorges.

Uncover Spain's history at the striking Moorish palaces, medieval castles and Gothic cathedrals of Castilla y León or take in the unique culture of the Basque Country in Pais Vasco. Not only does Cantabria have beautiful beach resorts such as Santander and San Vicente de la Barquera, but it also has an excellent selection of caves to explore, including the famous Altamira caves full of ancient Paleolithic cave paintings. Galicia is so green and lush it is often compared to Ireland but with better weather!

In the south, you'll discover the classical sun-baked Spain, a place of white-washed villages, traditional fiestas and flamenco! Vibrant Madrid and bustling Barcelona are full of colour and flavours and be sure to try out the tapas bars wherever you are in Spain.

Top regions to visit

A full day's drive from Santander, this is the real, sun-baked southern Spain, featuring historic cities, whitewashed villages and miles of popular beaches - plus some hidden gems too.

A coastline packed with sandy beaches & picturesque fishing villages, green countryside, and the spectacular Picos de Europa mountains, combine to make this a truly enchanting destination.

Along its 130 miles of gorgeous Atlantic coastline there is a panorama of beautiful beaches and picturesque coves many of which are blissfully free of development.

Galicia has 750 beaches whilst inland is a dynamic landscape of dramatic canyons and steep hills that is often described as being like Ireland with better weather!

Top things to do

One of the most visited monuments in all of Spain, the Alhambra is an incredible Moorish palace and fortress that stands on a hilltop overlooking the city of Granada, in the shade of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

One of the best preserved and most magnificent works that the Romans left behind, the towering Aqueduct of Segovia stands proudly right in the heart of the city.

This wonderful park is in an old mining site where you'll find, in partial freedom, animals from all over the world. Between trees and cliffs you can admire bears, lions, tigers, wolves, elephants, camels etc.

Known as the 'Pearl of the Cantabrian' and one of the most beautiful urban beaches in Europe, La Concha beach is a stunning mile-long stretch of white sand in the heart of the city.