Landmarks and Historic Buildings

One of the most visited monuments in all of Spain, the Alhambra is an incredible Moorish palace and fortress that stands on a hilltop overlooking the city of Granada, in the shade of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Largely built in the 13th century, the Alhambra is a spectacular complex of Moorish fortifications. The Alhambra generally refers to the palatial parts of the complex and its towers and gates but there's also the summer palace and gardens of the Generalife and the fortified walls of Alcazaba.

In the Alhambra, you'll discover the Nasrid palaces with their intricately decorated walls and arches and also the Palacio de Carlos V, a Renaissance palace built beside the Alhambra with its circular patio and many columns.

Head to the Upper Alhambra where there are lots of towers to explore and up to the Alcazaba, the fortifications that are the oldest part of the whole complex. Mohammed I fortified this area in the late 9th century and it was used as a military fortress with a small city of people living here to serve the everyday needs of the military.

To the east of the Alhambra, on the slopes of the Cerro del Sol, lies the Generalife. This palace and its magnificent gardens were a place of respite for the Moorish rulers of Granada away from the official business conducted in the Alhambra. There is even an outdoor theatre in the gardens amongst the beautiful patios.

There is a high demand for tickets, especially at peak season, so book well in advance to make sure you get the day and time that you want to visit. Audioguides in English are available.

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Granada in Andalucia is a stunning city sheltering at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains and is famous for the Moorish palace of the Alhambra that overlooks the city.

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Built on the site of a mosque after the Reconquista, Granada's cathedral is a stunning example of the architecture of the Spanish Renaissance and is the resting place of Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castille.