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Dinópolis is a fantastic paleontological theme park, with an excellent museum, that brings to life the era of the dinosaurs for all the family! Marvel at the robotic creatures on show including a life-size T-Rex that can move around. Journey through the last 65 million years of history - from the extinction of the dinosaurs to the emergence of Homo Sapiens, and the time of the European Ice Ages, and uncover the origins of our species - all on an incredible boat ride past robotic dinosaurs, woolly mammoths and primitive man.

Kids will love the activities on offer including a 3D cinema where you can follow the exploits of a young dinosaur, an incredible new 4D simulator, and rides through the history of the universe, from the Big Bang up to the extinction of the dinosaurs. There is also a ball pit, small Dinovivia train and face painting for younger children.

The park's museum has over 500 exhibits including the authentic bones of the turiasaurus riodevensis, the largest dinosaur to have roamed Europe, and which was discovered in the province. There are also fascinating life-size skeletons of a brachiosaurus and a T-Rex, and skulls of some other dinosaurs.

Dinópolis has 5 other sister museums, under the banner of Territorio Dinópolis, around the province of Teruel. Continue your journey around these museums and be amazed by the unbelievable exhibits of dinosaur skeletons, life-size models, fossils of creatures from land and sea, and insects that have been trapped in amber for over 100 million years.


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