Burgos Cathedral

Castilla y León
Landmarks and Historic Buildings

A stunning example of Gothic architecture, Burgos cathedral is an unmissable landmark.  Built by order of King Ferdinand in 1221, the cathedral is a remarkable sight with 2 beautiful towers crowned by spires and has 15 chapels inside. The legendary El Cid and his wife are buried here at the cathedral.


Places to visit nearby

Burgos in Castilla y León is a well-preserved medieval city, famed for its spectacularGothic cathedral, and many other religious buildings that made it an important stop on theCamino de Santiago pilgrimage route.

Haro in La Rioja is is the wine capital of the region and is famous for it's Wine Festival and the wine fight, the Batalla de Vino.

Palencia in Castilla y León is a small city built on an ancient settlement that is best known for the iconic Cristo del Otero, a statue of Christ that looks down over the city.

Nearby attractions

The Alto Campóo ski resort has peaks of over 2,200m and with ski routes including the Pico Tres Mares, is considered to be one of the best in Cantabria with excellent ski lifts and stunning scenery.

This wonderful park is in an old mining site where you'll find, in partial freedom, animals from all over the world. Between trees and cliffs you can admire bears, lions, tigers, wolves, elephants, camels etc.

The Museo Nacional de Escultura (the National Sculpture Museum) contains an excellent selection of European sculpture from th 15th to the 18th century.