MUHBA, the History Museum of Barcelona, is a brilliant museum with several different sites across the city. Based in Place del Rei, the King's Square, MUHBA looks at the 2,000 year history of Barcelona with many remarkable discoveries. At the King's Square site, you can go underground to visit the ruins of the Roman city of Barcino which stood here in the 1st century BC. Discover ancient streets and buildings and understand how the Romans lived and worked. Above ground there is also the medieval Royal Palace, the Chapel of St Agatha and the Gothic palace, the Padellàs House, to explore.

Other MUHBA sites around the city also include a museum dedicated to the Jewish community in the El Call area, a Gothic convent, the ruins of a Roman temple and a gun battery and public shelter from the Spanish Civil War. 

Places to visit nearby

Barcelona in Catalunya is Spain's second largest city and is filled with beautiful architecture, great shopping and much fascinating history, sitting on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea.

Girona in Catalunya is a pretty historical city of Roman origins with one of the best-preserved medieval Jewish Quarters in Europe.

Zaragoza in Aragon is the regional capital and a city of much historical and artistic heritage, particularly from the eras of the Ancient Romans and the Moors.

Nearby attractions

The Sagrada Familia is Barcelona's most famous landmark, a striking basilica designed by the great Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi.

Housed inside the Casa del Aguiles, the Museu de Cinema contains the incredible Tomas Mallol collection featuring 20,000 pieces, including 8,000 objects, showcasing the history of the cinema.