Palacio Real

Madrid and La Mancha
Landmarks and Historic Buildings

The Palacio Real is the seat of the Spanish kings in Madrid although, today it serves as a host for state diplomatic meetings and events rather than as the actual royal residence. Open to the public, this opulent Baroque building dates from the 18th century and contains some spectacular art including frescoes by Giaquinto, Tiepolo and Mengs. The interior is richly decorated with Spanish marble and mahogany although a variety of artistic styles can be found.

Don't miss a visit to the Porcelain Room, King's Chamber and the Throne Room which have been kept as they were during the reign of Carlos III in the 18th century. The beautiful Hall of Mirrors was created under the reign of Charles IV. A visit to the Royal Armoury is also a must, where you can see a large selection of armour and weaponry that belonged to the Spanish kings from the medieval period onwards.


Places to visit nearby

Madrid in the Community of Madrid is the bustling capital city of Spain, home to the seat of the Spanish king at the Palacio Real, and is famous for its brilliant arts museums and culture.

Aranjuez in the Community of Madrid is a charming town of historic and cultural interest, recognised by UNESCO, and is famous for its Royal Palace which was the spring residence of the Spanish kings.

Toledo in Castilla la Mancha is a fascinating historical city known as the 'City of Three Cultures' due to the way that Christians, Muslims and Jews all lived here together in the Middle Ages, and have all left their mark on...

Nearby attractions

The Alcazar in Toledo is a palace built by Carlos V that today is home to the incredible Spanish Army Museum, the Museo del Ejercito, and the Castilla La Mancha Library.

One of the best preserved and most magnificent works that the Romans left behind, the towering Aqueduct of Segovia stands proudly right in the heart of the city.

An inspiration for Disney's Cinderella castle, the Alcázar of Segovia is a fairytale castle on a hilltop that was once the residence of the Royal Family during the 12th and 13th centuries.