Guggenheim Museum

Pais Vasco
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The Guggenheim Bilbao, on the bank of the River Nervíon, is a remarkable and instantly recognisable structure of titanium, glass and limestone that was created by the renowned architect Frank Gehry. One of the world's premier modern and contemporary art museums, with collections concentrated on post-war European and American artworks, here you can wander through the minds of some of the world's greatest modern artists including Eduardo Chillida, Richard Long and Daniel Buren. Since its opening in 1997, the museum has seen over 10 million visitors walks through its doors. Outside, the imposing giant spider statue, Maman, created by Louise Bourgeois, casts a powerful shadow over the building and the riverside.

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Bilbao is a captivating contradiction of old and new. Such buildings as the striking new Guggenheim Museum are set against the stunning Gothic architecture of the Old Town

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