Colour charts and design drawings for Brittany Ferries ship Galicia

Galicia, ferry travel re-styled

Light open spaces, a skylight bar, glorious sun decks, a choice of sumptuous dining, a private lounge, modern art, and the biggest, most comfortable mattresses in the fleet. Galicia promises to be a ferry experience like no other.

Built for our Spanish routes, Galicia is an entirely new class of ship for Brittany Ferries and the first in our history to be designed, themed and furnished around a Spanish region.


One of a number from the same class, the E-flexer Ro-pax, Galicia is the first of three sister ships built especially for Brittany Ferries, with Salamanca and Santoña coming in 2022 and 2023.

But whilst their frameworks remain identical, like many siblings, each will have their own personalities to make them stand out from the crowd. But more importantly perhaps, ensure they live up to the expectations of the Brittany Ferries experience.

To achieve this, our teams worked closely with the interior designers and architects from the start, adjusting deck plans, and influencing the finishing touches.

From sourcing furniture from Spain and fabrics from Sweden, right down the mattresses in the cabins – which, we promise to be the most comfortable in the fleet – we chose every detail, large and small, with our customers in mind.

Red city deck inspiration board

Inspiration behind Galicia's Decks. Photography by Kimberly Poppe


We chose the name Galicia for its Celtic influence. Like our home region of Brittany, Galicia has a rich cultural history with ancient cities and charming fishing villages, blended among mountain views, primeval forests, winding rivers, rugged coastlines and smooth sandy beaches. All of which has influenced the ship’s design.

Entering the ship via the information desk on Deck 7, the ‘Camino de la Playa’, will quickly put you in the holiday mood. Tones and textures of blue and beige, along with carefully selected artwork and photography, radiate a relaxing Galician seaside. Here you’ll also find our inclusive dining venue, the Azul Restaurant, where diners can enjoy their dinner with a sea view. 

From the tranquillity of the beach, to the buzz of the city, Deck 8’s ‘Calle Real’ is the heart of the ship. Inspired by Galicia’s capital, Santiago de Compostela, our Plaza Mayor bar is adorned with ornamental railings, vibrant colours, exciting photography and artwork and a spectacular skylight. It’s the perfect setting to celebrate your holiday or reminisce over the memories made. Adding to this, our city restaurant, the Taberna de Tapas, oozes an authentic Spanish vibe, with food to match!

For those with cabins on Deck 9, you’ll be transported to the Galician countryside, with soothing green tones and natural textures and patterns. Here our corridors and cabin artworks will instantly transport you to the famous Camino de Santiago, or Way of Saint James – but without the 500-mile trek!

Galicia - 2 berth Commodore Suite cabin

Accommodation onboard Galicia. Art by Kimberly Poppe


You’ll even find a taste of Galicia in your cabin, where hues of blues, reds and greens transfer into your very own private space. Inside cabins also benefit from a light panel featuring photographic sea views to help to bring the outside in.

Here too you will find the biggest, most comfortable beds in our fleet. A whole 5cm wider than the Pont Aven, Galicia’s beds will also enjoy a luxurious mattress, made by Dux in Sweden as well as high quality linen.

Those in the reserved seat lounge can expect great comfort too, with luxurious reclining chairs sourced from Australia. Featuring USB plugs, a light reader and a foot stool for added comfort, these loungers are set well apart, sitting either alone or in a maximum of two.


To enhance your experience on board Galicia, we have created the C-Club Lounge.

With an interior inspired by some of the world’s most luxurious hotel brands, this club style lounge offers sumptuous comfort, with a choice of seating, mood lighting and stunning artworks, accompanied by complimentary drinks and delicious snacks – with a Spanish twist – throughout the day!

The perfect retreat, guests will be pleased to know that, to ensure greater comfort, the lounge will only cater for 104 occupants against its capacity of 148.

Commodore C-Club lounge

An artist's impression of Galicia's Commodore C-Club lounge



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