Quality Assurance

You've finally chosen your Brittany Ferries' holiday and all the family are agreed that it's absolutely perfect. 'We'll have a great time,' everyone says, already beginning to count the days until you can set off. But as the countdown progresses, if you are not familiar with the Brittany Ferries' way of doing things, you may well start asking yourself a few questions.

Is the accommodation really as the photograph? Will it be as well equipped as it claims? How safe is it for the children? These are just a few typical concerns. Let's be honest, everyone has heard a holiday horror story at some time or another.

Book with total confidence

You may like to know that all gites, cottages, casas, apartments, chalets and hotels offered by Brittany Ferries undergo rigorous inspections - generally not by some third party agency with no personal interest, but by our very own team of experts. So when you make your booking, you know for certain that everything will be exactly as described.

All aspects of comfort and security are covered during inspections, from general décor, appliances and sleeping arrangements, right through to ensuring that the electrics and plumbing meet the local safety standards. If the accommodation falls short in any area whatsoever it is not accepted. What's more, we continue to monitor all our featured gites, cottages, casas, apartments, chalets and hotels to ensure that standards are being maintained.

Our inspectors even assess the welcome they receive from our owners, caretakers and reception staff! This way we get a good indication of the way you are liable to be greeted on arrival. And you know what they say about first impressions.