Our partnership with Océanopolis

Brittany Ferries turns crossings to France and Spain into voyages of discovery...

Brittany Ferries has announced a partnership programme with Océanopolis, an Ocean Discovery Centre in Brest, North Western France, for the observation of marine mammals, such as whales and dolphins, in the Celtic Sea and Bay of Biscay. The observatory will operate on the company's flagship, Pont Aven, which sails from Plymouth to Roscoff in France and to Santander in Spain, as well as between Roscoff and Cork in Ireland.

Scientists from Océanopolis will monitor sea life from the ship and, upon identifying anything interesting, will immediately notify passengers who can then, if they wish, watch for their own enjoyment. Additionally, a DVD, produced by Océanopolis, will be shown on board Pont Aven in the cinemas during the crossing so that passengers can gain a better understanding of the creatures that live in our surrounding seas.

This move is evidence of a commitment by Brittany Ferries to protecting the marine environment, having practiced for many years a 'Clean-Sea' policy whereby nothing is discharged into the sea. Océanopolis is a highly respected scientific organisation working in close collaboration with EUR-OCEANS, an organisation which represents a network of 500 researchers in 11 countries across Europe studying marine ecosystems and climatic change.