Marco Polo - Taking freight traffic off the roads

Marco Polo is a funding programme, created by the EU, that works to move freight transport from our clogged roads to the sea, railways, and inland waterways instead.

This means less congested roads and less pollution due to having fewer trucks on the road. Shipping is also a more reliable and more efficient form of transport for moving goods around the world. We are glad to be a part of this programme that makes a 'motorway of the seas' and reduces the environmental impact of freight transport.

In fact, it is estimated that for every Euro of the funding provided by the Marco Polo programme, at least 6 Euros is generated as a social and environmental benefit.

Because of the mix of freight and passenger customers on our ships, we make the best possible use of our ships and garage space, and, our efficiency in transporting so many types of vehicles at once reduces the overall environmental impact.

Promoting sustainable tourism

There are many reasons to go to France but a little added incentive is how much it promotes sustainable tourism in a number of ways:

  • Because France is so close to the UK, visiting this beautiful country means a smaller carbon footprint for holidaymakers than those travelling further abroad
  • Most self-catering properties and many hotels in France are family-owned so staying with them benefits the local economy rather than being lost to a big corporation
  • In France, lots of food is grown organically and sold locally at market. They import a lot less of their food from countries across the world compared to what we do in Britain

Improving sustainabilty on the ships

Reducing our food miles

Around 80% of the food served on board our ships originates in France, and the vast majority of this comes from Brittany. We like to use local producers as much as possible so that we reduce the carbon footprint of our food supplies and we also build long-term, lasting relationships with food producers to ensure we always have the best quality food in our restaurants.

Water discharge policy

All of our ships are fitted with approved water treatment units that discharge only uncontaminated water into the sea - water polluted by chemicals or oil is pumped ashore and disposed of by certified waste disposal contractors.

We only discharge the uncontaminated water when the ships are more than 12 nautical miles from the coast. We check out contractors regularly in order to ensure that they comply with local and government environment regulations.

Solid waste management

All of the ships' solid waste, such as glass and cardboard, is sorted and compacted on board and then recycled or disposed of by a certified contractor on land.