Our Managed Letting Service FAQs

Is my property suitable?

We accept fully renovated properties in the areas already advertised in our cottage and villa programmes. On receipt of your application, we will contact you to advise either

(a) your application has gone through to the next stage and one of our commercial representatives will arrange to visit your property (please note our representatives will ultimately decide whether or not to sign-up your property), or
(b) your application has been unsuccessful and the reason why.

How can I find out about making improvements to furnishings etc?

Our commercial representative will advise you on furnishings, equipment and health and safety when they visit your property.

How many weeks will I sell?

This depends on the standard of your property and its location. However, some owners in our best-selling regions enjoy an average of 16 booking weeks each season.

How much weekly rental will I receive?

Our commercial representative will discuss this with you during their visit. Whatever is agreed you will receive in full for each week booked - there are no hidden charges. We then add a percentage to your agreed rental to cover our marketing and administration costs.

Do you guarantee I will get bookings?

No, we don't but we will do our utmost to market your property to its best potential.

How flexible is your contract?

We ask for 3 to 5 weeks in the main summer school holidays but other than that you can indicate on your contract any weeks you wish to retain for your personal use. After 1st March you are entitled to take back any remaining unsold weeks.

Do I receive any payment for cancelled bookings?

Yes, for cancellations within 28 days you will receive a percentage of the rental depending on when the booking is cancelled. Should this happen within 2 days of arrival you will receive 100% of the rental.

What are the benefits for property owners?

You will get free registration to our Club Voyage loyalty club which offers travellers discounts on our ferries. You will also receive a £75 promotional ferry fare to be taken in low season (hopefully for you to prepare your property for the letting season) and an all year 20% discount on our passenger and standard car fares.

What are the benefits for customers?

Clients receive ferry-inclusive pricing and fully bonded holidays. In addition, they are provided with comprehensive travel documentation and free access to our holiday helpline should any problems arise.

How do you notify me of my bookings?

We will send you a fortnightly listing by email or post. If we receive a late booking, we will contact you before accepting it on your behalf.

Can I be paid in euros?

If you prefer to be paid in euros, your payments can be made into a French bank account.

What are the tax implications of letting my property?

You will need to seek professional advice from your tax office regarding this.

Should I be insured?

Public liability insurance is essential - your insurance company will be able to advise you.

I don't live on site - who will greet the clients?

You will need a caretaker to welcome your guests and to ensure the property is always clean and prepared for arrivals.

How can I get more information and sign-up?