Brexit Ferry Initiative - the dedicated NHS shipment channel

What is the no-deal Brexit ferry initiative?

This is an initiative from the Department of Transport to help ensure critical goods are still able to be transported safely and swiftly in the event of a no-deal Brexit. We were approached by the Department for Transport as a trusted and reliable ferry operator to see if we could assist with this initiative and have since agreed to play our part.

The contract guarantees space on some of our ships and Channel routes for the delivery of critical goods post-Brexit, like medicines. It has been described as a kind of insurance, or safety net, to help ensure the smooth transit of these critical goods in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

What ships and routes are affected?

In order to create this extra capacity, we will use ships in our existing fleet more intensively. The routes and ships earmarked are:

  • Le Havre/Portsmouth - Étretat
  • Cherbourg/Poole - Barfleur
  • Roscoff/Plymouth - Armorique

We are currently modifying our 2019 schedules for these routes and need to ensure the additional fuelling, staffing and port arrangements are in place before we can communicate the changes. We anticipate this being ready within the next couple of weeks.

What if my sailing is affected?

If you already have a booking with us, we'll be in touch at the earliest opportunity if it is likely to be affected by the changes to our schedules. We will contact you by SMS initially and follow it up with a more detailed email.

Can I book onto the new sailings?

Once the schedules are finalised and published within the next couple of weeks, the sailings will be open for both passenger and freight business. New bookings can be made here.

If my sailing changes, will I be entitled to compensation?

We are working hard to ensure the changes carry minimal impact for existing business. Should your sailing be among those affected, we will contact you proactively and explain your options.

What's in it for Brittany Ferries?

The Department for Transport's statement on the initiative can be found here.

The initiative is good news for Brittany Ferries, as it offers some stability and certainty in uncertain times. The Department for Transport has made clear it is an exceptional safety net to guarantee the supply of critical goods, such as medicines, in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

The costs involved for us are significant but as a trusted and reliable ferry operator, we're confident we can support the Department for Transport's objectives effectively and constructively and look forward to playing our part in the initiative.

Will it make checking in slower?

We're working hard with our port partners to ensure our port operations are primed and ready to welcome this additional and essential traffic. There is nothing to suggest these changes to our operations will slow down checking in or embarkation.