Changes to schedules

Dear friends,

After another week of change and disruption in the UK, France, Spain and Ireland; I’m writing today with a mixed bag of news. Different governments are responding in their own way to the ongoing crisis and it’s creating considerable confusion and anxiety to citizens and businesses alike.

We’ve heard from many of you no longer wishing to sail on forthcoming crossings. In the wake of the difficult news of postponed lifting of lockdown restrictions in the UK and the changes many of you in all countries are making to your bookings, this has left us with little choice but to restrict our sailing schedule further in the coming weeks.

The following ships and routes have been affected.

Ship Route(s) First sailing(s)

Poole / Cherbourg / Poole

Cancelled from 27 June up to and including 13 September Poole - Cherbourg

13 September, Cherbourg - Poole at 18:15

Portsmouth / St Malo / Portsmouth

Cancelled from 27 June St Malo - Portsmouth at 10:30 up to and including 19 July Portsmouth - St Malo at 20:15

*Armorique replacing Bretagne
(20 July St Malo - Portsmouth at 10:30 up to and including 12 September Portsmouth - St Malo at 20:15

13 September, St Malo - Portsmouth at 10:40

20 July, St Malo - Portsmouth at 10:30


Plymouth / Roscoff / Plymouth

Cancelled from 21 June Roscoff - Plymouth at 15:00 up to and including 12 September Plymouth - Roscoff at 22:00

13 September, Roscoff - Plymouth at 15:00
Cap Finistère

Portsmouth / Bilbao / Portsmouth

Cancelled up to and including 18 July

19 July, Portsmouth - Bilbao at 17:00

Cork / Roscoff / Cork

Cancelled from 18 June up to and including 26 June

2 July, Roscoff - Cork at 22:15

Portsmouth / Caen / Portsmouth

Cancelled from 20 June up to and including 15 July Portsmouth - Caen at 08:15

15 July, Caen - Portsmouth at16:30

The following ships and routes will operate as scheduled.

Ship Route(s)
Connemara Rosslare/Cherbourg/Rosslare
Galicia Portsmouth/Santander/Portsmouth
Mont St Michel Portsmouth/Caen/Portsmouth
Pont-Aven Plymouth/Santander/Plymouth
Armorique Freight only until 19 July
Normandie Freight only until 14 July

If your sailing is among those affected by these changes, you do not need to contact us: we will be in touch. Our teams will contact you via email detailing your options and will work hard to ensure any concerns you may have are addressed. If you wish to amend your booking, I would encourage you to do this on our website as it is the simplest and quickest means of transferring your travel plans. Understandably, our contact centres will be exceptionally busy whilst we contact all those affected so please bear with us, we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Further disruption to our schedules is the last thing I wanted to share here, but sadly it is inevitable given the recent spate of announcements and changes across Western Europe.

On this theme, changes to paperwork, testing arrangements, quarantine and who can travel where (and when) are becoming unmanageable. We’re doing our best to stay on top of all arrangements for all four countries but it is imperative you check your own national advice and that of the country you wish to visit to ensure you have the correct documentation for each stage of the journey. I’m sorry I can’t offer simpler guidance on these pages but the changes to arrangements are swift and there is a limit to what we can realistically do in this respect. We’ll keep doing our best but please do ensure you consult the advice of the relevant authorities also.

At the start of this article I promised mixed news and so it is.  In spite of the above changes, there are some positive aspects too. I’m delighted to finally be able to offer foot passenger tickets again from June 28th. These can only be made available on the Pont-Aven out of Plymouth at present but it’s a starting point and another step toward recovery.

On the theme of recovery and longer term sustainability you may have read about our innovative sea-skimming ferry project. Seagliders are a minimal carbon impact technology, that we believe could cut ferry times significantly and revolutionise sea travel as we know it. Powered only by batteries, this incredible technology would propel a vehicle on a cushion of air across the sea in a swift, efficient manner, using the so-called ground-effect. The concept is a long way off from reality, but we’ve signed a letter of intent with leaders in the field REGENT craft, who plan to launch smaller craft by 2025.

Understandably this has generated considerable interest and debate. For me, this study further underlines our long-term commitment to our regions and communities and helps explain why we, as a truly social enterprise, are so confident in our future in spite of the obstacles currently thrown our way.

With very best wishes,

Christophe Mathieu

CEO, Brittany Ferries

Last updated: 17 June 2021