Welcoming back cyclists and foot passengers, a message from our CEO

Dear all

We’ve had some great weather here in France, with Brittany especially looking great: sparkling seas, secluded coves and blue skies. I’ve seen some lovely photos of the same on Instagram and Twitter as more and more of you share your beautiful holiday experiences with us.

Our social channels have, inevitably, been really busy this summer with many of you trying to get in touch regarding the many questions that Covid presented so it’s great to see more and more positive images and messages from people enjoying great holidays with us too. It’s clear from the amount of blue in our Instagram feed that the sea, especially at sunrise and sunset, is a particular draw for keen sharers.

After such a difficult year, it seems the call of the sea is particularly alluring. The prospect of broadening horizons, the sense of adventure, the openness and life-affirming qualities of the sea evoke emotions in all of us.

From a more pragmatic perspective however, travelling with us this year offers considerable comfort and reassurance. The air on board is fresh, never recirculated.  There is space for you and your bubble to move freely, it’s easy to find enough physical space to feel safe. The open decks give an opportunity to reflect on the sea, take in even more fresh air and feel that sense of exploration and discovery. Travelling in your own car is safe, familiar but also an adventure on its own. It’s little wonder that participants in a recent poll for the Independent voted strongly in favour of journey’s by ferry over rail, air and public road transport.

It’s not just the sea, it’s the sensible option for anyone looking for a holiday that is far enough away to feel exciting but close enough to home to feel safe.  You can have it both ways!

Elsewhere, it’s been an interesting week in terms of contact. Calls remain extremely busy and I’d recommend all of you consult our Getting in Touch tab or Contact Us page before deciding how best to find an answer to a question. We are making progress with most email inboxes but I must encourage you all to try and find the help you need online before getting in touch; our service levels simply are not what we’d like them to be and I need to be honest with you about this.

One group I have heard from regularly are the cyclists and foot passengers who’ve been unable to travel this year. This was a difficult decision made when the immediate future was less clear than it is now (although even now it seems quite unpredictable!). After considerable debate with our crews, our port partners we took a forensic look at our immediate prospects and took the tough decision to cease accepting bookings for both cyclists and foot passengers. I always said this decision would be subject to review and I’m pleased to confirm we will resume carrying both from September 1st. 

We’ll make a small number of bookings available first and then look to build that through the Autumn as our operations adapt and learn as we go.

I hope this will be positive news for many of you; it’s another sign of a gradual, sensible and safe return to normal for Brittany Ferries.

Christophe Mathieu

CEO Brittany Ferries

Last updated: 3 August 2020