A message from our CEO

Dear All,

We were warned to prepare for a second wave of the virus, and sadly it looks as though this is now upon us. Despite this, I hope you and your families remain upbeat, even in the face of figures that show rising infection rates throughout Europe. 

I think there are reasons to be positive. Yes, this dreadful virus threatens the fabric of our daily lives once more, but we must try not to be downbeat. Firstly we are expecting a glorious week of sunshine in France the UK and northern Spain. Maybe it’ll be a little slower coming in Ireland, but later in the week for sure. And I hope you get to enjoy it.

Perhaps more importantly, we are better equipped to deal with a second wave of the virus, both practically and mentally, than we were with the first. This applies in our personal lives as well as throughout businesses like Brittany Ferries. 

We know so much more about Covid-19 today, its effects and more importantly how to protect ourselves and our families. We know what measures we must take to prevent a second wave from inflicting the same toll as the first. Simple things like hand washing, mask wearing and social distancing play an enormous role in cutting transmission.

On that point, I want to reassure you that we continue to operate all sanitary measures on board as part of our Together and Protected campaign. This ensures passengers, freight drivers and our sailors continue to travel in a safe and pleasant environment. 

Thirdly, trials of vaccines continue apace throughout the world. If we can get through this dreadful year, the news in early 2021 could be so much more positive. Of course, we can’t be sure, but there is so much excellent research taking place, with so much resource and expertise, we have to be hopeful that a game-changing moment will come soon.

Finally, from Brittany Ferries perspective, we are encouraged by the many people supporting us through an incredibly tough time. From politicians in Brittany, to passengers in the UK, from Irish hauliers to Spanish port partners, it’s heartening to see so many people on our side. 

We still await news from the French government concerning the application of net wage provisions for our sailors. This would represent a large cost reduction for our business during the five-year period in which we must repay a €117 million emergency loan. It’s vital that our call is heard, but I can assure you our voice is loud and - we hope - persuasive. 

The waiting is tough. But I remain optimistic. The messages of support we receive from so many different places, keeps me and my fellow directors determined. It keeps us focused in striving to keep this beautiful company operating well into the future.


Christophe Mathieu

CEO Brittany Ferries

Last updated: 14 September 2020