Keeping you updated

If you have a holiday or travel arrangements coming up in the near future. Please return to these pages for the latest updates. We don’t yet have all the answers, especially with holiday properties as each of our suppliers and partners will be affected differently and, as with all of us, can’t know definitively when services will resume or accommodation become available. Where we can, we’re helping them find sensible solutions and I expect this to become much clearer in the coming weeks.  

Don’t forget, if your sailing or holiday in the coming weeks is cancelled, we’ll let you know. We’ll email you with an apology, explanation and Refund Credit Note (RCN) as soon as we possibly can. You can find out more about cancelled services by reading our sailing updates page.

Also, we’re offering customers the opportunity to cancel or amend free of charge sailings and holidays later in the year in recognition of the ongoing uncertainty surrounding some customers’ ability to travel. If you would like to take advantage of this, please contact us BEFORE you cancel. If you cancel yourself, we will not be able to supply the required RCN.

If you need help or advice, there is a FAQ page. If you need to contact us, we’ll reply as soon as we can, usually within 3 days, but please be patient. In some cases, you may need to allow up to 29 days for a reply, but this is the exception.

We’re not quite ready for 2021 sailings yet (sailings should be ready by July) but I understand plenty of people will want to defer their travel until then. The good news is that all Refund Credit Note (RCN) issued since the Coronavirus disruption began have a valid lifespan of two years from the date of issue. So there is plenty of time to change existing bookings, or create new holiday and travel experiences with us later this year or into next when new schedules are confirmed mid-summer. As things progress and travel plans become clearer, we’ll keep you updated via these pages.

Christophe Mathieu

CEO Brittany Ferries