Your questions answered

If you need help or advice, there is a useful FAQ page. If you need to contact us, we’ll reply as soon as we can but please be patient and allow up to 28 days for a reply (most emails are answered within 3 days). Demand on our temporarily reduced services is vast and some things about the immediate future remain unclear for all of us, so some questions will naturally take longer to deliver a considered, personal response to.

Sadly I won’t be able to answer personal emails in the immediate future. Instead, I’ll take a selection of your questions and answer them here. I’ll be candid and ask all of you for patience and understanding as we navigate these uncharted waters together. Thank you in advance.

Your Question: I don’t think I’ll be able to take my holiday with you this year because of the pandemic, what can I do?

Answer: For a limited time you’ll be able to amend or cancel your booking free of charge, no questions asked. I understand the ongoing uncertainty has made future travel a challenge for some and we’re reacting to that with even more flexibility. As part of our recovery plan and as a direct result of our actions to date, we’re offering a return of previously non-refundable deposits and cancellation fees, in the form of a Refund Credit Note

This offer has to be limited to direct bookings not yet amended or cancelled and cannot reasonably be backdated.  For as long as it remains viable as part of our long-term recovery plan, I’ll keep this offer available for all travel between now and the end of October 2020.

Please note this offer cannot be backdated.

You can take advantage of this by getting in touch.

Your Question: I’ve completed a contact form to ask for Enhanced Flexibility but my balance is due to be taken soon and I haven’t heard anything, who do I contact?

Answer: If you’ve completed the contact form and submitted it, we will get to it.  If your balance is taken prior to that, we’ll refund it separately, by method of payment, when we issue the Refund Credit Note.  I fully acknowledge the inconvenience of this, but in such unprecedented times, this is the only reasonable way we can make the limited offer of Enhanced Flexibility available.

Please do make your requests for Enhanced Flexibility as soon as you can, the closer you leave it to the date your balance is due to be taken, the more likely we are to be unable to honour the request in time.  Sadly, there is no way to accelerate or prioritise requests for this very popular offer.

Please don’t contact any other email addresses regarding this, the requests can only be honoured through the contact form and sending other mails will only slow down the process for everyone involved.  

I’m sorry to be quite so candid but it’s important I’m clear on this matter.

Your Question: If the value of my voucher/ refund credit note is more than the cost of a revised sailing, will I be able to use the unused part in future?

Answer: We’ve issued Refund Credit Notes (RCN) for sailings we’ve cancelled. If the value of RCN exceeds the value of your revised booking please get in touch with us here. From the ‘reason for contact’ drop down menu, you can choose ‘I wish to make a new booking/redeem a refund credit note’ and the form will be directed to our team who will be able to help.

Your Question: I’m having difficulty understanding what changes may be happening to my holiday booked through Brittany Ferries.

Answer: I’m sorry to hear this and understand from a number of customers that this is a key cause for concern. Although lockdowns appear to be easing, the influence of social distancing over key holiday elements (access to beaches, swimming pools, opening of bars and restaurants for example) remains unclear. Many holiday property owners too are awaiting governmental guidance over what can or cannot be done to facilitate holidays this summer. We have no control over this but are committed to letting you know, as soon as we reasonably can, of any key changes to properties that will impact you. For our part we’re working with the relevant national bodies and industry partners to understand what may be required or expected when holidaying with Brittany Ferries in the coming months. One thing I can guarantee is that our destinations remain fabulous and the welcome on board will still be warm, albeit from a distance! Watch this space for updates.

Christophe Mathieu

CEO Brittany Ferries