Your questions answered

If you need help or advice, there is a useful FAQ page. If you need to contact us, we’ll reply as soon as we can but please be patient and allow up to 4 weeks for a reply (most emails are answered within 3 days). Demand on our temporarily reduced services is vast and some things about the immediate future remain unclear for all of us, so some questions will naturally take longer to deliver a considered, personal response to.

Sadly I won’t be able to answer personal emails in the immediate future. Instead, I’ll take a selection of your questions and answer them here. I’ll be candid and ask all of you for patience and understanding as we navigate these uncharted waters together. Thank you in advance.

Your Question: What happens to my booking if my travel is affected by quarantine measures?

Answer: The quarantine measures are a challenge for all our customers but we’re finding most are still electing to travel and taking sensible precautions upon their return.

You’ll need to consult the relevant government’s travel advice website to be sure of having the most up to date information; quarantine arrangements are subject to sudden change.

To be clear, you can travel to and from mainland Spain, (the UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has stated that non-essential travel is “a personal decision and circumstances differ from person to person”) but there are important changes you need to be aware when returning to the UK from Spain.  

Returning to the UK

Currently, when returning to the UK, you will need to follow the quarantine. You’ll need to:

  • Provide your journey and contact details
  • Self-isolate for 14 days

You can read more detail of the current advice on the FCO’s own pages here.

I anticipate a few changes to these arrangements and will do what I can to keep you abreast of those changes as and when they happen.

If you have booked one of our holidays, you will be able to amend your holiday (if we can find available alternatives). If you would prefer to cancel altogether, please refer to our Getting in Touch pages for the right channel to talk about your package holiday with our experts.

If you have a ferry ticket with no holiday accommodation attached, you can change your sailing dates online using Manage My Booking. If you want to cancel altogether from a sailing that is scheduled to operate however, please be mindful that the terms of your cancellation policy will apply. The only way of recovering any lost funds will be via your travel insurer. 

Your Question: I’m having difficulty understanding what changes may be happening to my holiday booked through Brittany Ferries.

Answer: I’m sorry to hear this and understand from a number of customers that this is a key cause for concern. Although lockdowns appear to be easing, the influence of social distancing over key holiday elements (access to beaches, swimming pools, opening of bars and restaurants for example) remains unclear. Many holiday property owners too are awaiting governmental guidance over what can or cannot be done to facilitate holidays this year. We have no control over this but are committed to letting you know, as soon as we reasonably can, of any key changes to properties that will impact you. For our part we’re working with the relevant national bodies and industry partners to understand what may be required or expected when holidaying with Brittany Ferries in the coming months. One thing I can guarantee is that our destinations remain fabulous and the welcome on board will still be warm, albeit from a distance! Watch this space for updates.

Your Question: I’m trying to amend my booking as you suggest but it’s not working when I try to move to next year, what can I do?

Answer: This year’s launch has gone really well, probably the best we’ve had for a number of years in terms of website stability and making as many bookings available as possible. That said, we did uncover a small issue affecting some specific amendments and I’m sorry if you were among those affected.

Our engineers and developers have been working around the clock and have made some significant changes to our systems that should fix most of those issues so if you’ve contacted us to try and make a change but have yet to hear back, please do try again, it may well be possible now and you won’t have to wait for us to get through our backlog before you can have peace of mind that you have made the amendment you seek.

Christophe Mathieu

CEO Brittany Ferries