New ferry ticket types

With our range of ticket types so you can continue to book with confidence. Aimed at giving you a choice, you can select the level of flexibility to suit your travel needs and get the most from your booking this summer or beyond.

During the booking process you will be able to choose from the following three fare options.

  • Economy: The cheapest fare, ideal if you're confident your travel plans will not change
  • Standard: Our most popular choice, will allow you to amend or cancel your booking within certain conditions
  • Flexi: The most flexible fare, gives you the freedom to make free amendments up until four hours before your outbound sailing

Full details of each option and related cancellation fees and refunds are shown in the tables below.

Compare our ticket types

Payment at time of booking 100% Deposit of 50% 1 Deposit of 25% 1
Amendments 2 A fee applies Free up until 2 weeks before outbound sailing Free up until 4 hours before outbound sailing
Cancellation fees 100% 50% - 100% 3 25%
Refunds No Part refund by travel voucher Part refund by payment method

1 The balance will be due 60 days prior to departure. Full payment is required if booking within 60 days of travel.

2 A £20 fee applies to all Economy ticket amendments and to Standard/Flexi tickets following the free amendment period. Fees are in addition to any price increase that may apply.

3 Standard ticket type cancellation fees are based on the period of notice given prior to your outbound sailing.

Cancellation fees and refunds

Number of days before first scheduled departure ECONOMY STANDARD FLEXI
Over 60 days 100% cancellation fee 50% cancellation fee (deposit) 25% cancellation fee (deposit)
15 - 59 days 100% cancellation fee 50% cancellation fee (deposit)
50% refund by travel voucher
25% cancellation fee (deposit)
75% refund by payment method
0 - 14 days 100% cancellation fee 100% cancellation fee 25% cancellation fee (deposit)
75% refund by payment method

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More ticket type questions

Are the new ticket types available on all bookings?

Currently our new ticket types are only available on ferry only reservations. Holidays and promotional fares are subject to separate conditions details of which are available when booking.