What is the procedure at the port for passengers with a disability or reduced mobility?

Due to our new health and safety measures, passengers must check-in at least 90 minutes before departure. Please make sure that you give us full details of your disability or reduced mobility at the time of booking.

Exact procedures will vary dependent on the facilities at the port and the ship that you are travelling on.

If you've made us aware of your requirements, there will be someone to assist you when boarding and disembarking from the ship and they will be able to help you with a personal bag or any medical equipment you need for the journey.

Please bring your own wheelchair and medical equipment with you. Any wheelchairs at the port are for emergency use only.


Please let us know before travel, and when you check in at the Brittany Ferries information desk at the port, of your disability or reduced mobility. Your passage through the port and onto the ship will be arranged for you and our staff at check-in will advise what to do. Staff will be on hand to assist you to board.

You will be asked to wait in the boarding lounge at the port until it is safe for you to board the ship. Boarding may be via lifts, ramps or through the car deck depending on the port and ship. The disabled facilities at each port can be found on our port guides.


When you check in, you may be asked to put your hazard warning lights on as you approach the ship to identify your vehicle to the loading marshalls. You will usually be asked to wait with your hazard warning lights flashing and will be loaded on the ship when the areas around the lifts on the car decks are being filled.

Loading and unloading depends on the circumstances on the day and there may be a delay while we wait for the appropriate space for you next to the lifts. The first few vehicles that are loaded are parked in spaces that are furthest from the lift and are therefore not suitable for you.