Will my mobile phone work on board the ferry?

Yes, an offshore mobile telephone network is available during the crossing, additional charges will be incurred. Despite a recent decision to no longer charge data roaming charges in EU countries, as of June 2017, this does not apply to the satellite network available on board. To avoid paying high data roaming charges, we recommend that you turn data roaming off on your mobile devices.

Skybridge is a satellite-based marine mobile provider and charges will be considerably higher than your standard tariff.

If you do not disable your mobile data roaming then your mobile may automatically use this service whilst onboard. Data charges via Skybridge will be considerably higher than your standard data tariff. Please refer to your devices operating instructions for details on how to enable and disable these features and ensure you are aware of any data services that may be enabled and attempting to connect.

Free Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Internet is also available on board and is provided free of charge to our customers. In order to use the service you must log-in to the Internet@Sea wireless network using the credentials on your boarding card or cabin key. If you are using data on your device solely via our onboard Wi-Fi connection then you will not incur any additional charges. Please ensure you have Wi-Fi enabled and have logged into Internet@Sea correctly and have disabled your mobile data and mobile data roaming in your device settings.