Dog with goggles leaning out of car window

Advice on taking your pet abroad

From preparing to what to bring to what you need to do before returning to the UK, this guide will help you with what need to know to make taking your pet abroad a walk in the park.

Essentials to bring

These are some of the most essential items you should bring for your pet to make their journey more comfortable.

  • A muzzle for dogs - they must be muzzled when outside of your vehicle

  • Absorbent bedding for your car or the kennel

  • Nappy sacks and tissues in case of accidents

  • Some of their favourite toys to help make them comfortable

  • Water in a spill-safe container that can be attached to a travelling crate or left on the floor of your vehicle

Make sure your pet's water container is filled with clean, fresh water and that they can reach it throughout the sailing.

Travelling by ferry with your pet