Customer stories

Read some of our selected stories written by our customers of their experiences of taking their pets on a holiday to France and Spain.

A fun-packed holiday with Spud

We had so much fun last year when we visited France for three weeks with our little dog Spud. 

A warm welcome for me and my Labrador Dinah

I had recently purchased a small cottage in Normandy and decided to spend a month there decorating and I took my Labrador with me for company.

Bomski the Chow's trip through Spain

I was happily curled up in my usual position at the base of the bed dreaming doggie dreams, when the shrill of the alarm rudely interrupted. 

Ghillie the Francophile West Highland terrier

I have become a Francophile dog and just love it when I hear my master calling Brittany Ferries to book us all aboard.

Monty, the Jack Russell's Spanish Holiday

We set off on a sunny day in March to stay overnight in Saltash, Cornwall before boarding the ferry to Santander.

Our holiday in Normandy with Mac, the Westie

As leaving our much indulged Westie in kennels is an option we wish to avoid we set about making arrangements to take him with us to Normandy.

Our holiday with Hamish the Labrador

Hamish was fine on the ferry and enjoys travelling, so no problems on our journey.

Pippa, the Corgi - treated like royalty in France

For many years now we have taken most of our holidays in France. We love everything about it; the people, the food, the wine and the way of life.

Plain sailing with Ruby, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier

We took Ruby on her first holiday with us to France with some reluctance but our concerns were unfounded.

Why I Love Delilah the Airedale

My owners have a little barn in L'Orne and they always take me there in the summer holidays to catch moles and brush up on my French.