Why I Love France...by Delilah the Airedale

Hello, my name is Delilah and I am a Pet Passported Airedale terror, sorry...that should be terrier. Anyway, my owners have a little barn in L'Orne and they always take me there in the summer holidays to catch moles and brush up on my French. We have to go on two ferries to get to France as we live on the Isle of Wight.

From my home I watch the Bretagne go past every afternoon on her way back from St Malo. I'd like to go on that boat but we go on the Caen crossing because my owner, who I call "Chief Upright" says we need a short crossing so I don't have to be in the car for too long. And he's got a point.

I don't really like being locked in the car so I am going start a campaign to be allowed out of the car and wander around the boat during the crossing. Chief Upright says that's all very well but Brittany Ferries wouldn't like me leaving wee-mails everywhere and I concede that once again, he has a point!

I tend to sleep for the crossing so in fact the journey is quite short for me...

I tend to sleep for the crossing so in fact the journey is quite short for me and we live less than an hour from the port so that's good too. My best friend Mel likes going in boats too and she likes driving as well, but then she's a Boarder Collie and they're mad. This year she came to see me at my holiday field on her way to the Pyrenees she told me that she was going to help with the driving and stuff! bloody ell! I can't even drive!

In my field there are moles, which is the best thing about France, cos moles are excellent and I can dig faster than them, mostly. Chief Upright says I make more holes than the moles and he's got a point there! and there's more of them than there is of me so I must be pretty good at digging holes. When one of the little uprights fell down one of the holes and had to go to hospital I got locked in the upright's kennel for ages. But they came back eventually and because the little upright was alright again I was allowed out to dig more holes. They should be more careful where they walk!

I am always sad to have to go home at the end of the holiday...

I always get taken on an outing to see my friend Monsieur Lebon who has a large upright kennel in the town near where we live. He is excellent fun and I wish we went there more often but we only go once every holiday just before the end. He gives me treats as part of a game he plays with me. I get to eat as many treats as I like until I try to eat one that actually isn't a treat at all but he pretends it is and then he wants to fight me and we end up rolling around on the floor in his kennel and if he can make me eat the treat that isn't a treat then he wins and if I can get him to eat it then I win. So far he has won every time but Chief Upright told Soft Upright, the last time we went to play, that he thinks I'm getting better at the game and maybe next time I'll do it. Wow, that would be excellent. He also said that Monsieur Lebon, who is called a Vet, looked a bit tired after we had played and I think maybe he had a point there! I was tired too! I am always sad to have to go home at the end of the holiday. There are always loads of moles left and I'm never sure if we're coming back again, though we always seem to.

The best thing about going home is that I get to meet loads of other dogs at the Brittany Ferries Terminal Kennel in Ouistreham. We all meet up in there before the ferry goes to discuss our holidays and pass messages on to our families around the country. I met an Irish Wolfhound there last year and he lived in the same town as my great-great-great-grandfather on my mother's side and so it was really nice to catch up on the news from Wharfdale. The floor there is excellent too! Slidy or what! But Chief Upright said Brittany Ferries don't like me skidding on it because it spoils the shine, and I suppose he has a point!