Whale and dolphin cruise itinerary

Sea Safari 2020 - Whale & dolphin watching with ORCA

This is the perfect introduction to whale watching anywhere in the World and all aboard our flagship cruise ferry Pont-Aven. The Bay of Biscay is home to over a quarter of all the whale, dolphin and porpoise species known to man. A typical trip should include sightings of Fin Whales - the second largest mammal on earth, and maybe Sperm Whales - made famous through the story of Moby Dick, rare beaked whales and possibly hundreds of dolphins racing into the bow.

On board ship the friendly and experienced ORCA guides will help you spot all kinds of amazing marine life, with deck watches and wildlife presentations to help you locate, observe and identify these sometimes elusive marine animals.

Cruise in style

You'll sail aboard Brittany Ferries' flagship, Pont-Aven, enjoying a superb range of facilities and award-winning services. The ship itself boasts stunning features, including a  pool and leisure area, a wraparound promenade for pleasant deck strolls, and a dramatic five deck high atrium with panoramic views from the lifts. You'll also of course find all of Brittany Ferries' standard of dining and facilities, with an a la carte restaurant, cocktail piano bar and 2-storey lounge bar and entertainment area.

Disability and reduced mobility passengers

Our ORCA guides will be outside on deck 10. There is no lift access to this deck so please bear this in mind if you have a disability or reduced mobility.

Cruise Itinerary

Day 1

After you have checked in at the Brittany Ferries desk at the Portsmouth terminal and obtained your boarding card you are then required to meet your guides at the 'ORCA' stand which will be situated next to the check in desk. It is important that you do this before boarding the ship. The guides will be present from 15:00. Once you have boarded and settled into your cabin you again join your guides at 17:45 on our exclusive whale watching platform outside on deck 10 (directly above the Pool Bar) as the ship departs for Spain. Introduction to the cruise and early evening wildlife watch follows.

Day 2

This is the big one! All day sailing through some of the richest waters for whales and dolphins in the world! From first light to 18:00 we will scour the deep ocean for giant whales, large groups of dolphins, tuna, sharks and seabirds. With luck we will be ending the day with a celebratory drink in the vast natural harbour of Santander, with time to enjoy the tapas bars or take a stroll along the beach before the return sailing at 21:15.

Day 3

On our final day on our return voyage we sail through the rich, shallow waters of the Celtic Sea and Western Approaches in search of Minke Whales, Bottlenose Dolphins, Porpoises and Gannets before arriving in Plymouth at approximately 17:00.

Time ashore in Santander

Santander, the capital of Cantabria, is an elegant city stretched across a wide bay with many stunning beaches.

Surrounded by mountains and countryside, the streets wind up through the hilly landscape to afford fantastic views of the Cantabrian Sea, which supplies the city's restaurants with the fantastic seafood for which Cantabria is renowned.