What you'll see on a whale and dolphin cruise

Sea Safari 2020 - Whale & dolphin watching with ORCA

Over a third of the world's whale and dolphin species can be found in the Bay of Biscay as well as many bird species. Our route takes us through the English Channel and down along the edge of the Continental Shelf, a rich feeding ground where dolphins and pilot whales can often be found.

Shallow waters fall away rapidly to depths of over 4000 metres - an ideal habitat for species such as fin whales, the second largest animal on the planet. Deep underwater canyons attract mysterious creatures such as beaked whales and the enigmatic sperm whale closer to the shores of Northern Spain.

We have had close encounters with many of these and have been lucky enough to see orca and even blue whales in the Bay!

When should I go?

With nature, anything can happen at any time. We frequently see a good number of animals and a wide range of species.

July 2020

July trips have often produced a high number of different species. Dolphins are regularly seen in very good numbers, with larger whale species, such as fin and sei whales, also being seen at this time of year.

August 2020

Fin whales are usually present and Cuvier's beaked whales are often encountered, we have even seen blue whales at this time of year!

September 2020

We have enjoyed numerous whale and dolphin species during this month. Bird migration is also in full swing now so bird enthusiasts often choose this month to venture with us into the Bay.

ORCA sea safari 2018 sightings


Photos from previous whale and dolphin cruises

Bottlenose dolphin Credit: ORCA
Pilot whale Credit: ORCA
Striped dolphin Credit: ORCA
Common dolphins Credit: ORCA
Killer whale Credit: ORCA
ORCA Wildlife Officers and Nigel Marven