Cap Finistère
Pet-friendly 4 berth/ large 2 berth outside cabin

Pet-friendly 4 berth/ large 2 berth outside cabin on Cap Finistere

Ensure your pet* travels in style and comfort by reserving one of our 17 pet-friendly cabins.

With space for a standard sized animal bed on the attractive laminate finish floor our cabins are designed to comfortably accommodate 2 small/ medium sized pets. Additionally you and your dog can stretch your legs by taking advantage of the private exercise area which has been provided on Deck 10.

Dogs booked into kennels are not allowed in any of the interior areas of the ship and are strictly forbidden in normal cabins.

These cabins can either be booked online for a single pet, (for 2 pets, please call us) or for further information on travelling, including clarification with the size category of your pets please contact our Reservations Office on 0330 159 7000.

There's nothing better than arriving at your destination fully refreshed for the journey ahead. Whether you choose to sleep away the miles overnight, or enjoy comfort and privacy during a day crossing (when cabins are at a reduced rate) our range of on board accommodation offers the perfect haven.

All of our cabins are ensuite, air conditioned and have fresh linen and towels. Soap and shower gel are also provided in case you want to freshen up and you'll also find at least 1 continental plug socket  to use or to charge any electrical appliances that you may have.

Access to the pet exercise area can only be made via stairs between deck 9 and 10. Owners must be able to manage stairs, with their pets, from their pet friendly cabin on deck 9 to gain access to this area.

*Restrictions on the types of pet we can transport apply. We ask customers to vacate their cabins 30 minutes prior to arrival. This is to allow us to clean the cabins and have the ship ready for the following departure.

Cabin facilities


Laminate flooring

Continental plug socket


Air conditioned

Bunk-style beds

Fresh linen and towels provided

Outside large 2 berth/4 berth pet-friendly cabin | Brittany Ferries