Accessibility on Kerry

We make every effort to ensure the accessibility of our ships.Here we'll explain what you need to know about booking with us and what it's like to travel on board Kerry as a passenger with a disability or reduced mobility.


Whether you are travelling in a vehicle or as a foot passenger, if you have any special requirements, please let us know before you book and also when you check in.

Call Reservations on 0330 159 7000 to discuss options and book your sailing, especially if:

  • You have reduced mobility / are in a wheelchair / use a mobility scooter
  • Have a visual or hearing impairment
  • Have a disability
  • You require medical equipment (such as oxygen tanks)


If you have declared a disability or reduced mobility to us, please check in 60 minutes before departure.

With a vehicle 

At check-in, the marshall will place a sticker on your windscreen so that our loading crew will do their best to ensure you are parked near a lift. 

Passengers travelling in a wheelchair in a standard car will be parked on Deck 5 providing easy access to the ship and wheelchair-accessible cabin.

Please note that parking on Deck 5 is on an open deck. We recommend you wash your vehicle within a few days of sailing to remove any remaining sea salt residue.

If you are traveling in a larger car, vehicle or motorhome, you will be parked on Deck 3 or 4 near one of the lifts on board. 


Lift access

Kerry has 2 lifts on board, one on either side of the ship which access all decks.


Kerry has 2 wheelchair-accessible cabins located on Deck 6.

These cabins include:

  • 2 lower berths 
  • Wheelchair-accessible bathroom with washbasin, toilet and shower


Our crew are always happy to help any passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility. Please call us to discuss how we can meet any needs and requirements.