About Normandie Express

Ship information and on board services

Presenting Normandie Express, Brittany Ferries' sleek, high-speed catamaran capable of speeds up to 42 knots. The fastest vessel on our fleet, she carries up to 843 passengers and 235 cars and this year will make the daily sprint across the Channel from Portsmouth to Cherbourg in Normandy. Passengers will alight in just three hours, in a port city famous for its Cité de la Mer museum, magnificent restaurants and long history as a hub for transatlantic ocean liners.

En-route there's space to relax and the freedom to walk around. Comfortable seating, bars, café and a small boutique making Normandie Express an enjoyable alternative to those who prefer to travel in style, but to travel quickly too.

Normandie Express has a rich history. Prior to joining Brittany Ferries, she carried the Olympic torch during the relay ahead of the Sydney Olympics. She also helped deliver aid to the tsunami relief effort.

For customers and staff, the return of Normandie Express heralds the start of the summer season. This year she'll operate from the end of April until September the 9th, carrying more than 110,000 passengers and travelling 30,000 nautical miles.

Normandie Express operates a no-smoking policy throughout the vessel at all times including e-cigarettes.

Normandie Express video

Travel to France in the fast lane with Normandie Express, Brittany Ferries' high speed catamaran. Designed to travel at speeds of up to 42 knots, the journey time from Portsmouth to France is just three hours.

Capacity summary of Normandie Express
Passengers 850
Cars 235
Seats 850